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How The System Works
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The "Sled Pal" children's snowmobile and ATV harness was designed with the safety and comfort of your child in mind.

The system comes with two (2) harness's, one for the child and one for the adult. The harness's are connected and allow you to keep your child secured to you while on the trails riding. Securing points are at the shoulder and waist area on both harness's. Also comes with detachable leg straps on the child's harness, which ensure that the harness does not ride up into the child's neck and keeps the harness in place.

The child harness never has to be removed once secured to them, allowing for fast, no-hassle placement when you are ready to get back on the trails. The adult harness can also stay on the adult, when not in use, by simply detaching from the child, crossing the straps and connecting the appropriate buckles.

*Recommended for children 1-8 years.
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User Friendly Features:

*Fully adjustable straps

*Easy color-coded buckles

*System can be used for front or rear riding

*Child and adult harness never needs to be removed when stopping for a rest

*Appropriate for ages 1-8 years 

*Larger family packages available (2 children)

*Extra-Large sizes available in ADULT harness

*Can be used for ATV's

CAUTION: The "Sled Pal" system is recommended to keep a child secured to the adult rider, while snowmobiling and ATV riding, in order to make the handling and maneuvering of the machine easier, without needing to hold on to the child.  EXTREME CAUTION should still be exercised while using the system.